Fun Recipes You and Your Teeth Will Love

Just like our bones, our teeth need proper nutrition as well to remain healthy and strong. Since our teeth are first to come in contact with the food we eat, it is important to know and understand how the foods we are eating can help benefit our oral health. We have formed a few recipes… Continue Reading

Thumb Sucking Habits

Thumb sucking is a common bad habit started during the infant stages for most people. Thumb sucking usually starts after birth, but it is often found that infants will begin this habit while still in the womb. Interesting enough- infants suck their thumbs due to their survival instinct. They relate it back to feeding (sucking… Continue Reading

Are Your Teeth Rotting Due to Decay?

Decaying teeth can be misleading at times because not only does decay effect the outer enamel- the hard outer coating of your teeth, but it effects the inside layers- commonly known as the dentin and pulp areas, as well.  Bacteria will continue to grow and damage the inside of your teeth if the warning signs… Continue Reading

How To Get Your Children To Brush On A Daily Basis

One of the most tasks parents dread is getting their children to brush on a regular basis. Is this a problem for you two? It seems getting a child to do anything consistently can be a challenge for most, but it can be easy when the right steps are taken from the start. To get… Continue Reading