Benefits of Dental Implants

Learn the Benefits of Dental Implants From SmileScapes Dentistry

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Many individuals who are missing one or multiple teeth want to restore their smile. Personalized dental restoration options can vary based on the types of results you want.

Full or partial dentures and bridges are all options depending upon your situation. Often times, dentists recommend that patients opt for dental implants because of the long term benefits.

Dr. Robert Woods of SmileScapes Dentistry in Alpharetta is specially trained in the placement and construction of dental implants, and is offering free consultations at his Alpharetta office. See why Dr. Woods, one of Alpharetta’s top cosmetic dentists, recommends dental implants for restorative dentistry treatments.

Unique Benefits of Dental Implants

Patients often request information on the benefits that they will receive if they choose dental implants instead of dentures or another alternative solution.

Benefits unique to dental implants:

Best option for natural looking teeth
Dental implants are a long term solution that look and feel like natural teeth because of what they’re made of. Check out our before and after gallery for examples.

Durable for long-term use
While many different types of replacements will need additional work 10-12 years after their original replacement, dental implants have a track record of durability.

Preserve natural face shape and smile
Because dentures or bridges are removable solutions, dental implants will help fill out your natural face shape, not letting your face droop or cause premature wrinkles.

Speech is only marginally affected
Occasionally, individuals who choose an alternative to dental implants will have to readjust to their speech with their new teeth. Because of the application of dental implants, there is marginal adjustment or no adjustment at all.

No cavities
Replacement teeth do not have cavities because of their composition. There is still a need for dentist visits and regular cleaning, but no cavities.

Minimal pain on existing natural teeth
Unlike bridges, typically dental implants do not change your existing teeth. Implants stand alone and do not depend on your other teeth, so there is less pain overall.

Easier chewing
Because dental implants are attached to your jawbone, they function the same as normal teeth. Many patients prefer this to dentures that more attention when eating.

Dental implants are an excellent solution for patients who are healthy enough to receive the restorative treatment. Our dentists work to make sure any patient that is interested in the procedure receives ample information to make the decision to receive dental implants.

Free Consultation for Dental Implants at SmileScapes

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