Why Dr. Woods is the Top Family Dentist in Alpharetta

SmileScapes Dentistry, a top dental office in Alpharetta, provides expert care to the entire family. In addition to general dentistry, Dr. Woods specializes in a number of different areas, including sedation, BOTOX®, cosmetic dentistry, and implant dentistry. No matter what your stage in life, SmileScapes Dentistry will be there to provide you with expert dental… Continue Reading

Thumb Sucking Habits

Thumb sucking is a common bad habit started during the infant stages for most people. Thumb sucking usually starts after birth, but it is often found that infants will begin this habit while still in the womb. Interesting enough- infants suck their thumbs due to their survival instinct. They relate it back to feeding (sucking… Continue Reading

How To Get Your Children To Brush On A Daily Basis

One of the most tasks parents dread is getting their children to brush on a regular basis. Is this a problem for you two? It seems getting a child to do anything consistently can be a challenge for most, but it can be easy when the right steps are taken from the start. To get… Continue Reading

What you might not know about your mouth: 15 interesting facts

As humans, we are constantly learning about our bodies more and more everyday. As technology advances in the dental industry, our teeth have more to say about ourselves than we could imagine. Not only can the size of your teeth determine your approximate age- due to their growth cycle, scientist can actually tell what type… Continue Reading

Preventing Tooth Decay With Your Children

Tooth decay is becoming a very popular fear for most parents these days. Most parents overlook their child’s first little tooth that comes in as being a starting point for teeth cleaning. When this is overlooked, tooth decay can start early with your children, which can put their permanent teeth at risk, due to the… Continue Reading