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Uneven Bite

Do you have teeth that do not seem to fit well together when you close your mouth? You may have some issues with an uneven bite.

An uneven bite can cause discomfort or pain, damage to your teeth, and be noticeable when you smile.

At SmileScapes Dentistry in Alpharetta, Georgia, we are experienced with helping patients overcome uneven bite problems. If you think you may be dealing with uneven bite issues, learn more about the common symptoms and treatment options available at Smilescapes.

Types of Uneven Bites

A misaligned bite can be caused by a wide range of problems. The most common types of uneven bites are:

  • Overbite (front upper teeth overlap lower teeth)
  • Underbite (lower teeth in front of upper teeth)
  • Crossbite (one or more teeth grow in overbite or underbite fashion)
  • Openbite (upper and lower teeth are pushed out so they don’t line up)

The causes of an uneven bite vary depending on the individual. Sometimes habits, such as thumb sucking, can lead to bit issues. Other times, the issues can be hereditary.

Signs and Symptoms of Uneven Bites

The most obvious sign of an uneven bite is the appearance. Some patients have teeth that are overcrowded, twisted, or crooked. However, other signs that you have an uneven bite are that your teeth may not line up in the midline of your face.

Frequent headaches are also a sign and symptom of an uneven bite. When your bite isn’t aligned properly, your teeth and jaw are unable to work the way that they are intended to. Overtime, your jaw muscles can become strained.

With uneven bites, the enamel will begin to wear away much more quickly in certain spots. This will also contribute to teeth sensitivity. Eroded enamel will also leave the underlying tooth exposed to decay.

If you don’t have an obvious signs of an uneven bite, you can give yourself the clench test. With your mouth empty, close your teeth together and squeeze. If clenching your teeth causes any discomfort or tooth pain, you may have an uneven bite.

Treatment Options for Misaligned Bite

For many patients, braces can be used to shift teeth into their proper places and correct the uneven bite problem. Treatment may also include additional appliances to achieve the desired result. The dental professionals at SmileScapes will be able to offer an individualized course of action to correct your uneven bite.

Correct Uneven Bite Issues with SmileScapes

SmileScapes Dentistry in Alpharetta, Georgia, will help you correct your uneven bite issues. By correcting your uneven bite, you can alleviate any pain and discomfort and feel more comfortable with your appearance.

With an experienced team that cares about your smile, we make it our mission to provide you dental solutions that help you look and feel your best. Contact SmileScapes at (770) 551-0808 to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help you reveal your greatest smile.

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