Woods has been utilizing and studying implant dentistry for over twenty years. He has gained Associate Fellow Status in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. This certification means that Dr. Woods has been certified by his peers and has met national standards of education and practice in oral implant dentistry. Dr. Woods participated in a one year mini-residency sponsored by the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta and the AAID. Following over 400 hours of lecture and hands on training, Dr. Woods passed a written board examination. Dr. Woods then passed an oral board examination to gain this certification.

Dr. Woods is one of few dentists with training and experience in the placement as well as reconstruction of dental implants. He has also gained certification in numerous dental implant systems and regularly attends the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons conference on Aesthetics and Dental Implants.

Implants and bridges are used to replace missing teeth. The comfort and esthetic impact can be incredibly dramatic. An unsightly, missing tooth is replaced by a beautiful tooth of just the right shape, size and whiteness.

There are a number of causes of missing teeth. Some people are born without certain teeth. Teeth also may be lost due to splits, cracks, gum disease and trauma. Since a missing tooth is so unattractive, an implant or bridge creates a major improvement in your smile. Implants are teeth (or one tooth) that are surgically placed into the area of the missing tooth/teeth.

The advantage of an implant is simple: where you once had a missing tooth, you now have a beautiful porcelain tooth that is indistinguishable from a natural tooth.

Note: Your other teeth benefit from the implant restoration. Tooth loss causes shifting and drifting of the remaining teeth. The implant re-establishes stability.

Since we can replace one missing tooth, we can replace multiple teeth or even replace all of a patients teeth (no more dentures). This means a patient also has the choice of implants instead of bridges.

The Procedure

Like all dental procedures, all implants are not the same. DR Woods will place the implants and in some circumstances we will work with other team members i.e.: an orthodontist, periodontist and/or oral surgeon.

Most implants utilize a minor surgical procedure under local anesthetic. This involves the precise placement of a new titanium root in the jawbone. It takes about three months for the bone to mature on the implant. The top of the implant is then uncovered. Impressions are made of the implant and surrounding teeth. These impressions are sent to a laboratory where a crown is fabricated. The crown is then placed on the implant by Dr. Woods.

In some cases, Dr. Woods can place the implant and a restoration at the time of extraction.

The Precision Surgical Guide or Teeth in an Hour

We are now utilizing precision surgical guides for many implant placements. Information gained from a CT Scan allows Dr. Woods to actually initially perform the surgery on a computer. A surgical guide is fabricated that will direct the placement of the implants. This makes the procedure very precise and reduces treatment time significantly.

If desired, a Precision Prosthesis can be fabricated from the same “digital” information and can be delivered at or shortly after the surgery as well.

Dr. Woods is one of few dentist who has the advanced training required to place implants as well as restore them. He also has training in numerous types of dental implant systems. If you are in need of maintenance of your dental implants, Dr. Woods can help.