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About Our Practice

Creating, Preserving and Restoring Beautiful Smiles To Last a Lifetime

  • We remain dedicated to our patients as family members, providing the highest quality care and services in a loving, caring and professional manner.
  • We shall always be conscientious of our patient’s wants, needs, privacy and time.
  • We will provide our patients and ourselves an environment that is clean, comfortable and above all safe.
  • Professionally and personally, we shall constantly be in pursuit of excellence and will strive for constant and never ending improvement and maintain an intense dedication to caring and quality.

We use the latest Equipment and Technology to Enhance Your Dental Treatments

We are proud that we have the latest equipment to provide the highest care for your health and appearance. For example, we use:

Cerec: A CAD system that takes infrared images of the tooth after preparation to fabricate crowns, onlays and inlays in a single visit.

Whisper Jet Air abrasion: This allows us to treat tooth decay at its beginning, with minimal or no loss of tooth. This conservative treatment of decay means we do not have to drill to eliminate decay. Often this procedure can be performed without anesthetic.

Diagnodent: This laser reads the grooves of the teeth to detect decay. It will measure the density of the tooth structure in the grooves to give us a better indication as to the presence of decay vs. stain.

Implant Dentistry: Dr. Woods has hundreds of hours of specialized training in implant dentistry. Dr Woods has also placed dental implants — only a small percentage of dentists have this training.

With implant dentistry we can: Replace a single tooth or do full mouth rehabilitation. This means that no one has to have dentures or partial dentures. (Ask any denture wearer about the relief from that.)

Our goal is to continue to use the latest dental technology to provide the very finest care for our patients.

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