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Take-Home Professional Teeth Whitening

Just like the in-office procedure, your take home Professional Teeth Whitening will begin with a thorough oral examination to ensure that there are no cavities or other oral health problems. Once the best option for your teeth whitening process has been determined, you will need a cleaning to remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth.  Impressions of your upper and lower teeth will be needed for fabrication of the custom bleaching trays.  You will then receive a set of Professional Teeth Whitening trays customized specifically to your teeth.

Your take-home Professional Teeth Whitening kit will include these customized mouth trays and several pre-measured applications of teeth whitening gel. In the comfort of your own home, you will place the correct amount of whitening gel in each tray and simply bite down. Leave the trays in for the prescribed amount of time, generally from 20 minutes to overnight, based on the strength of whitening compound used. Kits that are worn for a shorter duration usually contain a higher concentration of the bleaching agent.  When the duration of your time is up, remove and rinse the trays, and enjoy your newly whitened smile.

Like the in-office products, take home Professional Teeth Whitening kits available at Smilescapes often include desensitizing agents to minimize post-operative sensitivity.  The custom trays and pre measured whitening compound make the bleaching process simple, comfortable and effective.

Take-home Professional Teeth Whitening kits, such as Opalescence, Nitewhite and Daywhite, gradually whiten teeth over time and ultimately deliver results similar to or superior to their in-office counterparts. In-office Professional Teeth Whitening procedures generally take one or two office visits, whereas take-home Professional Teeth Whitening procedures are usually seen over the course of two to four weeks of treatment.

Alone or in conjunction with an in-office Professional Teeth Whitening treatment, take-home Professional Teeth Whitening kits administered under Dr. Woods’ supervision can help you achieve a brighter smile with minimal time investment. Like their in-office counterparts, the results of take-home Professional Teeth Whitening can last for years with proper aftercare.

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